Let’s Create the environment that we want.
Let’s Improve our quality of life.
Let’s Thrive as a community.

Créons l’environnement que nous voulons.
Améliorons notre qualité de vie.
Prospérons en tant que communauté.



City Councillor for Rideau-Rockcliffe

Empowering the community through people power.

My name is Jamie Kwong, and I have spent the last 10+ years of my professional career working to serve my community.

As the former Executive Director of both the Quartier Vanier Business Improvement Area and the Orléans Chamber of Commerce, I have experience at City Hall advocating for issues that have impacted the communities that I served.

As a business leader, community builder, and advocate, I supported small businesses by working with government representatives, community leaders, and residents promoting job growth, community engagement, and more vibrant mainstreets in Ottawa.

Creating a safer environment has been a key focus of mine. I’ve worked as a front-line support worker on issues relating to violence against women for over 10 years. and helped fundraise over $200,000 towards local crisis centres. As a graduate of the University of Ottawa, holding both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Criminology, creating safer communities is a key concern for me.

comme conseillère municipale pour le quartier de Rideau-Rockcliffe

Stimuler la communauté grâce au pouvoir des citoyens.

Je m’appelle Jamie Kwong, et j’ai passé plus des 10 dernières années de ma carrière professionnelle à travailler à servir ma communauté.

En tant qu’ancienne directrice exécutive de la ZAC du quartier Vanier et de la Chambre de commerce d’Orléans, j’ai plaidé des causes auprès de l’Hôtel de Ville qui ont eu un impact sur les communautés que j’ai desservies.

Comme chef d’entreprise, bâtisseuse communautaire et partisane, j’ai soutenu des petits commerces en travaillant avec les représentants gouvernementaux, dirigeants communautaires et résidents à promouvoir la croissance des emplois, l’engagement communautaire, et des rues principales plus vivantes à Ottawa.

Créer un environnement plus sûr a été l’une de mes priorités. J’ai travaillé comme support de première ligne sur des questions liées à la violence à l’égard des femmes depuis plus de 10 ans et ai aidé à collecter des fonds de plus de 200 000 $ pour les centres de crise locaux. Diplômée de l’Université d’Ottawa, titulaire d’un baccalauréat et d’une maîtrise en criminologie, la création de communautés plus sûres est une préoccupation clé pour moi.

En tant que votre conseillère municipale, mon objectif principal est d’améliorer votre vie quotidienne dans ces 5 domaines clés:

As your city councillor, I want to improve your day-to-day life in these 5 key areas:

1. Transit & Traffic 
● Ottawa’s transit system must be reliable, accessible, and affordable.
● Regardless of how we get around the city – whether it’s cycling, walking, or driving – better transit and safer streets are good for everyone.

1. Transports en communs et circulation
● Le système de transport en commun d’Ottawa doit être fiable, accessible, et abordable.
● Quelque soit le moyen utilisé pour se déplacer en ville – que ce soit à vélo, en marchant ou conduisant – de meilleurs transports en commun et des rues plus sécuritaires sont bons pour tous.

2. Safety & Well-Being
● By working together to find cost effective crime prevention strategies, we can make our community a healthier and safer place to live.

2. Sécurité et bien-être
● En travaillant ensemble à trouver des stratégies rentables de prévention contre le crime, nous pouvons faire de notre communauté une place à vivre plus saine et sécuritaire.

3. Housing & Heritage
● Everyone deserves a place to call home, and everyone benefits from smart, multi-use, mixed income housing developments that fit the character of the community.
● Let’s not forget our heritage and make sure we respect our built history.

3. Logement et patrimoine
● Tout le monde mérite un toit, et tout le monde profite de lotissements intelligents, multi usage et à revenus mixtes qui s’intègrent harmonieusement à la communauté. N’oublions pas notre patrimoine et assurons-nous que nous respectons notre histoire architecturale.

4. Francophone Rights; Art & Business
● Ottawa has a significant proportion of Francophone and bilingual residents. Supporting Francophone rights is important for our community.
● Let’s work together to provide opportunities for local businesses and artist communities to thrive and grow.

4. Droits francophones ; Arts et commerces
● Ottawa a une proportion significative de résidents francophones et bilingues. Soutenir les droits des francophones est important pour notre communauté.
● Travaillons ensemble à fournir aux commerces locaux et communautés artistiques des opportunités pour prospérer et croître.

5. Greater and greener
● Greater investments in green infrastructure ensures that we are growing in a sustainable and environmentally-conscious manner; It stimulates our economy and promotes good health for future generations.

5. Plus grand et plus vert.
● Mais des investissements plus importants dans des infrastructures vertes permettent que nous nous développions dans un souci d’économie durable et de respect environnemental; cela stimule notre économie et favorise la bonne santé des générations futures.

  • Muckleston & Brockwell Butchery

    Muckleston & Brockwell Butchery

    I chose to open my business on Beechwood because I wanted to serve high quality meats to a community known for its kind, warm and generous village charm. Shortly after opening, I had met Jamie, who was then serving as the Executive Director of the Quartier Vanier Business Improvement Area (QVBIA). She mentioned that the BIA was there to address any concerns that might come up and to always feel free to contact her. Throughout the years, she and her team would come for a visit. Her approach and care for my business, and my fellow neighbouring businesses, was what added to the warmth and welcoming feel of the Beechwood Village. While Jamie was leading the BIA, there were many innovative marketing activities being offered to promote the local neighbourhood. For example, Jamie invited me to have my store featured in the first Virtual Reality Tour for mainstreets project that the BIA was leading. Her creativity in solving issues, her passion for making our community even better and her desire to help small businesses and the general community thrive are what make her an ideal city councillor for the Rideau-Rockcliffe.



    Jamie and her team would visit ORESTA regularly. Jamie was prominent in our community and was always available to hear, support and help resolve issues impacting our Beechwood Avenue business.  She kept us informed on local news and happenings and invited us to take part in consultations that could impacted the local area and our business. Jamie is invested in our community. Her leadership skills and desire to work hard for this community would ensure that as city councillor, our neighbourhood’s concerns would be well represented at City Council.

    Oresta Korbutiak
  • Clothes Encounter for a Second Time

    Jamie has been my friend for many years both as a client and through her work with the Quartier Vanier BIA. Jamie understands that small businesses make our cities livable by providing local employment, goods, and services so that people can work, live and shop in their communities. Beechwood and the Quartier Vanier are undergoing very rapid change and development, and I know Jamie is the right person to represent our concerns and issues to the city.

  • Other World Treasures

    I met Jamie shortly after opening my store (originally on McArthur - more recently Marier Ave) and from that moment I felt instantaneous support and understanding. Jamie not only made me and my business feel welcomed, her passion for community was inspiring and aligned to my own ideals. Her team, including her adorable dog Char-Li, were always a welcome addition and myself and my customers looked forward to their visits.

    Jamie always made a point of updating me on the current issues facing our community and has continued to do so during my own business growth and expansion. During her time at the Vanier BIA, her passion for connecting with the community was quite evident and she truly created a sense of inclusivity and accessibility through her visitations, monthly newsletters and social media. When I was looking for a new location, she went above and beyond the call and sent me information on commercial rental spaces in the local area.

    Jamie was always dedicated to local business economy and has always kept me informed on the local issues. Furthermore, Jamie knows it's the people who are the heart of what makes a community strong. As a small business serving this wonderful community and as a local resident, I strongly support Jamie in being our next city councillor. With Jamie as our city councillor, I am confident our voices, minds and hearts will be heard at city hall.

    Tristan Brine
    Owner/Operator on Marier Avenue
  • Louis’ Pizza and Restaurant

    Louis’ Pizza and Restaurant

    Jamie loves the community and that can be seen through her hard work.  Louis’ Pizza was always happy to support the community events that she led at the Quartier Vanier Business Improvement Area.  We know that Jamie would be an excellent city councillor for the area. 

    Mounir (Mo) Saab
  • Bob Monette

    Bob Monette

    Chaque fois qu’une nouvelle entreprise potentielle voulait s’établir à Orléans, j’invitai toujours Jamie aux réunions. Son énergie positive et son charme impressionnent toujours les nouvelles entreprises potentielles à s’établir dans notre communauté. Elle est une vedette à mes yeux et le quartier de Rideau-Rockcliffe serait fortuné de l’avoir comme conseillère pour leur communauté.

    Bob Monette
    Ancien maire suppléant et conseiller de 2006-2018 Conseiller, quartier 1 Orléans
  • The Honourable Bryon Wilfert, Resident

    The Honourable Bryon Wilfert, Resident

    As a 22 year resident of Rideau-Rockcliffe, a former Municipal Councillor and Past President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, I know what it takes to be an effective and responsive City Councillor.  Jamie Kwong has not only the qualities and the understanding of local issues but will be able to hit the ground running as an Ottawa Councillor. I am impressed with her commitment, desire and determination - she is what we need as our representative.

    The Honourable Bryon Wilfert, Resident
    Municipal Councillor and Past President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities
  • Judith Cane

    Judith Cane

    Jamie has spent her career representing our local businesses and communities at City Hall. She’s the only candidate who will be ready on Day One to get to work.


    Judith Cane
    Fairhaven Co-Operative Association
  • Sean Flynn

    Sean Flynn

    “I've worked with Jamie in the community for a number of years and I've always found her to be enthusiastic, engaging, and yet not afraid to tackle the tough issues. For Rideau-Rockcliffe, I believe Jamie will provide a strong voice for our ward and will present us with an opportunity to have our concerns heard across Council. I feel that Jamie will be a great addition to Ottawa's City Council and will bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to both our community and the city as a whole!"

    Sean Flynn
  • Janne Cleveland

    Janne Cleveland

    I have known Jamie for years, and she is the real deal. She has tons of energy, and when she says she will do something, she follows through. She demonstrates utmost integrity and passion for our community.  As a local resident, I saw first hand the community initiatives that she led - the creation of the tallest mural in Ottawa, partnerships with Carleton University’s student architects on building the most beautiful bench.  Jamie is tenacious; yet, at the same time, her collaborative nature is exactly what we need more in politics as that is what gets things done and done well.

    Janne Cleveland
  • Andrew Derek Reeves

    Andrew Derek Reeves

    I don't think, wait I know for a fact = I have never chimed in for any local campaign BUT today is a new day!

    I,100% endorse Jamie Kwong and her campaign as Candidate for Rideau-Rockcliffe / Candidate pour le quartier Rideau-Rockcliffe!

    Her passion, excitement, thoughtful vision of its future, awareness of her community, intimate/raw compassion for the real realities of the area and maybe most of all = her personal life mission/dedication to serving the public is infectious, inspiring and what makes for a great leader!

    AND (personally) - As the Architect for Marché St. Charles Market on Beechwood she saw the vision / positive addition to the community as we as the Architects saw it = our very best to make for a positive addition to the community.  Most "talk" about showing up when it matters BUT she showed up and showed up with the very same passion she brings to everyone!

    Push on = for our communities and for Ottawa as

    Andrew Derek Reeves
    Principal Partner, Senior Architect

Key Accomplishments

  • orcc 2

    ORCC’s’ Annual Spin-A-Thon 2015 & 2016

    As a volunteer and the Chair of the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre’s Fundraising Committee, Jamie brought together government representatives on all levels to raise awareness on the issue of violence against women at the Centre’s Annual Spin-A-Thon. Top Photo Justin Van Leeuwan
  • Chilton and Jamie

    Orléans Chamber of Commerce’s Business Showcase 2012

    In an effort to connect the residents to their local businesses, Jamie organized east end tradeshows, which featured over 60 local businesses.  She brought in keynote speakers such as David Chilton (author of the Wealthy Barber and the Wealthy Barber Returns and alumnus of The Dragons’ Den), and award-winning journalist, author and TEDTalks speaker Carl Honore.

    Photo by Alice Beaudoin:

  • vday

    The Ottawa V-Day Fundraiser

    As part of Ottawa’s V-Day, Jamie was the producer of the 2012 Ottawa production of the Vagina Monologues, which featured a cast of 50 women, dozens of volunteers, and an attendance of 1,800 at the Bronson Centre over 2 days of shows.  It raised over $23,000 that went to three local women’s charities: Minwaashin Lodge, the Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa, and CALACS.

    Photo by Alice Beaudoin

  • Orleans Chamber Municipal Discussion

    Largest Municipal All Candidates Debate 2014

    In 2014, Jamie organized one of the largest municipal, all-candidates debates within the city, which included the participation of three mayoral candidates, as well as 11 ward candidates vying for a seat from one of the 4 different wards (Orleans, Innes, Cumberland and Beacon Hill-Cyrville) in Ottawa’s east end. The debate centred around the issue of transit and economic development.

    Photo by Jean P. Labelle

  • beas 3 1

    Business Excellence Awards 2014

    Ottawa’s local small businesses have a significant impact on Ottawa’s economy. To celebrate the contributions made by Ottawa local business leaders, Jamie organized three of the Orléans Chamber of Commerce’s annual Business Excellence Awards, with an annual attendance of over 200 of Ottawa’s esteemed leaders.

    Photo by Claude Brazeau, MPA

  • future block party 2

    Future Block Party September 2015

    Partnering with a local business and a local civics engagement group formerly known as Citizen Academy (now Synapcity) and together, along with 30 participating local organizations and businesses, Jamie organized an event entitled Future Block Party, that brought together families, students, artists, business owners, and residents to take over what was typically a vacant.

  • Parklet Partnerships

    Beechwood Streetside Parklet in Ottawa June 2016

    Partnering with the City of Ottawa, Carleton University’s Azrieili School of Architecture, Professor Voordouw and his 4th year architecture students who pitched parklet design concepts, and the community who later voted on the winning structure at the QVBIA’s Annual General Meeting, Jamie led the Beechwood Streetside Parklet project. Its unique partnership attracted the attention of Maclean’s magazine and was featured in the article: “How universities are working to shatter the ivory tower” (2016). Addressing the local residents’ feedback, Jamie relocated the parklet onto St. Charles in an effort to address the residents’ safety concerns of having the parklet on the street. The move was made possible through a partnership with Linebox.

    Photo by Claude Brazeau, MPA

  • investor night 2

    Investor Night February 2016

    To attract investors to take notice of the Quartier Vanier’s untapped potential for mixed-used development, building a business, or putting down roots to grow a family, Jamie organized: Investor Night: The Quartier Vanier…Ottawa’s Last Untapped Market! It brought together the local business community, developers, and investors. The evening featured speakers: Jamie Hurst, Economic Development Officer City of Ottawa; Subhir Uppal, Broker/Manager Metro Ottawa-Carleton Real Estate Ltd.; Bruce Lazenby, Head of Business Development The Regional Group of Companies Inc.; Janak Alford, CEO prototypeD TEAM Inc.

    (Photo by Claude Brazeau, MPA)

  • MOZAIK Mural

    MOZAIK June 2017

    Fighting a by-law restriction that restricted murals to under 3 storeys, Jamie was able to have Councillor Fleury submit a motion for an exemption. This allowed her to lead the creation of the tallest mural (2017) in Ottawa at 261 Montreal Road, which was part of an event entitled MOZAIK: a free community event that centred around the unveiling of two large-scaled murals on Montreal Road. It was a partnership between the QVBIA and House of Paint, the property owner, the city of Ottawa, muralists, the local residents who voted on the mural, the businesses, the Brewery Market, TIMEKODE, the Community Services of Vanier Centre, the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa, and the volunteers.

  • tool kit

    Business Attraction Toolkit July 2017

    As one of many efforts to attract more investors into the Quartier Vanier, Jamie led an ambitious marketing campaign working with Great River Media in creating a Business Attraction Toolkit – a free, online eBooklet for all budding entrepreneurs and prospective investors. It also featured the creation of a series of 3D virtual reality scans of showcase businesses in the Quartier Vanier thanks to our partnership with PrototypeD! More information can be found here: http://www.investinqv.com/